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DAC and the Executive Search

The difference is trust

Trust is the bottom line when it comes to choosing an executive search firm. You want to feel confident that your search firm truly knows your company, its culture, business practices and strategies to secure the number one candidates for your needs.

We believe trust is built on actions. We build trust by visiting your operations, speaking in person with your key decision-makers, reading your annual reports and communicating regularly so you are kept at the helm of the recruitment process. Effectively, we become an extension of your company, while maintaining the advantage of being a 3rd party for your recruitment.

When we’re interviewing, we place your image and reputation as a top priority. We are careful to be clear and not to exaggerate. As much as we value your trust, we also want the full trust of each candidate we interview. That’s another part of the win-win equation.

Customized service for you

DAC makes no assumptions. We know you are not like your competitors. Even your divisions and departments will have meaningful differences. We tailor each search to address the unique needs and qualities that will make the difference in your winning candidate.

We work hard for you

DAC doesn’t use ads as its first approach. Typically, ads generate candidates who are unhappy, unmotivated, and unemployed. Our first move is to call on top working professionals who may not be currently looking, but who represent the cream of the crop for your company. This method takes a lot more commitment than searching our databases or placing an ad, but the result for you is a candidate who truly exceeds your expectations.

Smaller firm...bigger value

Many of our competitors are larger, but few can give you the value DAC offers. Here’s just a few of the big value items we offer you:

  • United States-wide reach

  • Full candidate screening - you see only the best.

  • Detailed reports on each candidate

  • Full reference checks

  • Flat-rate pricing - Optional



US:  (800) 723-2691 toll free





DAC Highlights

  • A firm you can trust with your top leadership searches.
  • We talk to your key people, visit your sites, read your reports.
  • Clear and honest portrayals of your company with all candidates.
  • Custom-tailored search plans unique to your company and opening.
  • Direct calls to the top working candidates in your area. Ads are never our first approach.
  • The personal service you expect from a smaller firm, but many of the added values you get in a larger firm.