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Welcome! to  DirectACareer.com candidate review. Our Goal is to serve you, and Our Mission is to help you build a more dynamic future.  DirectACareer (DAC) is the representing body for recruitment of employees and/or involvement with representative companies for employee recruitment and fulfillment. 


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  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: piec220for
  • Category: Executive Operations Management, LTL and TL Transportation/Logistics

OBJECTIVE:  This Candidate desires to be instrumental in furthering strategic steps taken by a carrier or provide and/or assist in expanding and implementing of a broad based transportation package.  He is a leader of sound business plans (team member) as well as a developer and executor of business strategies (team leader) that respond to today, in the area of transportation business dynamics. 

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:   This candidate has transportation and logistics management experience in front line and staff positions.  He seeks a position that will utilize his vast background which includes but are not limited to mergers and acquisition projects from identifying buyers and sellers, due diligence, negotiations, arranging financial and credit instruments and documentation to closing.   His most recent work involved researching and defining expected financial returns in the transportation industry for investment by a group of private investors.  He further has skills to assist a successful company searching for potential acquisitions, strategic partners (for non asset based growth) and exit strategies or family succession planning issues.

View this candidate's Outstanding Credentials by clicking here: More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: bard10bid
  • Category: Operations Management, Transportation/Logistics

OBJECTIVE:   This candidate seeks a transportation management position with a company that will utilize his logistics and transportation experience.  Also to apply his managerial, problem solving and communication skills that will contribute to the organization’s goals to help the company excel in its marketplace.  

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:  This candidate has Transportation Management and Account Manager experience .  He has managed activities at customer’s site for 3PL.  Analyze customer’s requirements and develop transportation solutions to reduce costs and improve service.  He possess thorough understanding of the transportation industry, has a strong supervisory background and an excellent understanding of driver relations, safety, training, and maintenance functions.

View this candidate's Outstanding Credentials by clicking here: More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: hudm291lou
  • Category: Executive Operations Management

OBJECTIVE:   This candidate seeks a middle to upper level strategic management position in a growing company in the field of logistics or distribution. He excels at analysis of complex interconnected operations and finding ways to simplify and improve process. He wants a position where his efforts can have a significant impact to the bottom line of the organization and the well being of its employees.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:  This candidate has the background/experience to go along with abilities to serve in middle and executive levels of management in the major national/international small package shipping arena.  He has worked for a major global player in this industry.   His operational experiences include both Air and Ground scheduling and coordination.  He is  very high on the list of available candidates to the Logistics World and has the desire, experience, proven track record (achievements), and education to get the job done.  This candidate can work well in truck transportation, air freight, 3PL, supply chain management, and/or distribution, especially where import and export are of prime focus. 

View this candidate's Outstanding Credentials by clicking here: More Info

  • Category: National/International Logistics

OBJECTIVE:  This candidate seeks an executive, or middle to upper management operations position with a progressive National - International Logistics Firm.  Other interests include like positions in manufacturing, supply chain management, assembly and distribution, and warehousing, especially where there is a focus on import/export.   

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:  This candidate has the abilities to serve in middle and executive levels of management in the  areas of National/International shipping.    He is  very high on the list of available candidates to the Logistics World.   His success include but are not limited to reorganizing and implementation of an export order processing system to expedited shipments to the Far East, Europe, Australia, India, Latin, Central, and South America.

This candidate is also fluent in Spanish and Italian; and has ability to converse in German. View his  Web Profile listing his Outstanding Credentials by clicking here: More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: nest319sto
  • Category - Transportation Systems Expansion Facilitator

OBJECTIVE:  This candidate seeks a position that closely matches his experience in the transportation industry.. Most of his industry experience is associated with small package type operations and the expansion of that industry thereof.   He have a proven record of success in both sales and management.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:  This candidate has the abilities to serve in middle and executive levels of management in the  areas of sales and/or service as well as facilitation of expansion.   Driven by the desire to succeed  backed by his proven successful track record, This individual ranks very high on the list of available candidates to the industry.  In his own words, " I have a need to succeed and have a proven record of success"   His success in these areas are document in the attached Web Profile.  Click here for More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: cavg543aur 
  • Category - 3PL National/International

OBJECTIVE:  Obtain a position as a logistics manager or supervisor for a reputable organization that moves considerable amount of product via several modes of transportation domestic and internationally. To utilize a great variety of her resources to aid in the reduction of transportation costs through negotiating better carrier's rates, routing freight effectively and be an integral part of the growth and stability of a progressive organization.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:  This candidate has 9+ years of experience working "hands on" with International Logistics and Domestic Transportation. Additionally she has a unusually high level of  experience in 3PL, carrier/shipper environment. She also has extended Knowledge of transportation law, freight tariff, and distribution methods coupled with knowledge of International documentation for all modes of transportation. This individual knows the infrastructure of international transportation including International banking knowledge, carnets, letters of credit, foreign accounts payable. She is fluent in Spanish skills, both verbal and written.  For a more in-depth look, click on: More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: linnewh  candidate  placed  9/01/03 !!   Congratulations Wayne
  • Category - Dispatch Operations/Terminal Operations Executive Management

OBJECTIVE:  A seasoned Dispatch Operations Manager is seeking a position with a quality carrier that will be matched with his current profile. 

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: This candidate has held positions of Dispatch Operations Manager at several locations during his career.  He has successfully managed dispatch centers with Driver boards of 200 Plus.  He has managed and coordinated both line and group dispatch.   Additionally he has managed all areas of human resource, which included all aspects of OSHA, DOT and various employment benefit programs. His responsibilities  included hazardous materials and security training.  Will look at all serious offers but prefers a  Midwest or Central US location. More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: finw252bed

  • Category -  Supply Chain Management/Transportation Management

OBJECTIVE: A Versatile team leader with many years of successful proficiency in world class Supply Chain Management is seeking a position to incorporate proven strengths in leadership , planning and results orientation, that will yield optimal productivity and profitability. 

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: By his own word description, this candidate has passions that include Operations, Distribution & Logistics, Materials & Inventory Management, and Process Improvement. He has spent over 10 years refining his expertise in these areas. He has performed multiple functions and saved  valuable company resources driving profit to the bottom line. With his proven track record coupled with a result-oriented approach this candidate can deliver many times his  annual cost in bottom line profitability.  Additionally, he has consistently demonstrated his drive, determination and ability to work well within a team environment. With the combination of ability, desire and teamwork this candidate will deliver maximum results and make substantial contributions to the success of a perspective organization. More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: leij771mon

  • Category -  Safety, Loss Prevention, Driver Training

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in Loss Prevention, in the areas of Safety/Recruiting and Driver Training.  This candidate is in search of employment with a company that is seeking the highest safety standards.  And, desires their drivers be the safest and most qualified on the road.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: For the company that needs to stop the bottom line drain as a result of vehicular accidents and on the job injuries, here is your answer.  This individual has a track record of implementing safety programs with proven results likened to Loss Prevention on  STEROIDS.  This candidate is currently located in North Carolina but is prepared to re-locate.    More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: jont652cha

  • Category - Facility Management, Air or Ground

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Facility Management position at an Air Freight Terminal or a Transportation Freight Terminal.  This individual can lead a respective company to greater revenue and profits, by utilizing his sales and operations background.

Summary of Qualifications: Here is a candidate that can start immediately at any new or established air freight facility.  His management skills coupled with sales abilities and a proven track record, can place this individual in a front runner position of high achievers in the industry.  Take a deeper look into his background and successes by viewing his profile. This individual has executive qualifications.   More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: ausd154whe

  • Category - Executive Supply Chain Mgmt, Transportation Operations

OBJECTIVE: A Corporate Logistics Manager wanting to utilize his managerial expertise in supply chain management or the freight transportation industry.  This candidate  will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to a company that desires to use logistics to a competitive advantage

Summary of Qualifications: This candidate is capable of bringing new dimensions to the Supply Chain Arena.  He has it all, traffic management, inventory management, warehouse setup, facility negotiations, private fleet startup, import/export, rail, ocean, carrier/vendor contracts, And more.  This guy has it all, and can work in the transportation industry  as well as  supply chain management.  More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: yakj253bur

  • Category - Executive Transportation/Supply Chain Mgmt, Specialized in Linehaul Ops. 

OBJECTIVE: Highly experience executive seeking a challenging and responsible position in Transportation Operations and or Supply Chain management..  Management skills qualify for positions in operations and/or executive management.     

Summary of Qualifications: This candidate comes with a high level of transportation knowledge and experience in the areas of linehaul and operations.  Has a graduate degree.  And, has risen to the challenge of starting many new operations facilities.  He has further been involved in design, implementation, and/or re-organization of existing methods of operation that have yielded far reaching success. All of this is coupled with his verifiable track record of achievement and accomplishments.  More Info

  • CANDIDATE PROFILE: devjo4hct

  • Category - Senior Transportation National Sales Executive

OBJECTIVE:    A Senior National Sales Executive seeking a National Accounts Position with a quality transportation company. Preferred Location is the North Eastern United States. 

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:   This candidate has twenty one years in National Account Management with the same company. He has a background that is sought after by all facets of the freight transportation industry. He has terminal operations experience as well as logistic experience. All of these attributes are coupled with his many years experience throughout the industry. Additionally, he has a proven successful track record that is verifiable. The candidate is highly motivated and brings with him the balance needed to be successful in the National Accounts Arena focusing on New Account Generation”, “Major Account Penetration” And, is a “High Volume Closer.”. He is qualified to hold positions of Directorship, Officer, or a National Account Executive position.  More Info



  • Category - Truck Transportation Vehicle Maintenance Executive

OBJECTIVE: Direct or manage a vehicle/service maintenance program

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:   This  is is a senior level candidate experienced, qualified, and highly successful in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and associated/related industries thereof. He has 25 years of experience in the maintenance management field of trucking and construction equipment. Will look at all serious offers but prefers a  Midwest or Central US location.  More Info

DAC's business success depends on the partnering relationships we develop with our clients. When we present your position to our Core Candidates, their confidence in our professional capabilities for matching employers and employees enhances greatly the value of your opportunity. Our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry, our excellent client service, and our effective communications enables us to bring you the results you need in a time frame that creates success.



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