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Making your company a real winner

The bedrock of a truly successful company is its people.   More than that, itís the leaders in your company that will make you really stand out from your competition.   At DirectACareer.com  (DAC), we make it our prime mission to find you those leaders who will ensure your company meets and surpasses its objectives at all levels.


"Great leaders are never satisfied with current levels of performance- they are relentlessly driven by possibilities."
D. Harrison


DAC at a glance


DAC is a retained executive search firm that works in several sectors and serves its clients through relationships built on trust, integrity and satisfaction based on providing top talent for the needs at hand.  Thatís why most of our business comes through referrals from satisfied clients.  Our job is simple: we are executive recruiters and we find those talented individuals that make a difference at your company.  Leaders are found at all levels of a good company and DAC is ready to work with you to secure top leadership for your mid- to senior-level requirements.

DAC gives you added value in executive search

ďSolutions Through People.Ē    We live by that motto.   Whether youíre a leading multinational Fortune 500 corporation or an aggressive smaller company in a specialized market, we know you live by the same motto.    Itís people who really make the difference.   Thatís where we come in.    Unlike many firms, we really get to know your company.    As an option, we can visit your operations, talk to your decision-makers, and get to know your approach to business.  These added steps, and our years of experience help us ensure we bring you highly qualified professionals who will really ďfitĒ within your company and fill your transportation jobs as needed.

United States presence

Many of our client companies have operations across the continent.  We are able to conduct executive searches across the US with well developed contacts and resources to ensure your executive search is conducted at peak efficiency.   This way, you don't need to have different firms represent you--we know you well, develop an in-depth knowledge of your culture and operations, and use that to your advantage in searches for all your operations. 

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Some of the Leaders at Your Company

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • HR Director
  • Operations  Manager
  • VP Sales
  • VP Operations
  • Controller
  • Customer Services Manager
  • transportation jobs


DAC DirectACareer

  • A dedicated partner for retained executive search.
  • Years of hands-on transportation experience.
  • Terms and fee structures that makes a retained search truly affordable
  • We are executive recruiters for the transportation industry