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Each search is YOUR search

Executive search at its best is both science and art.   We do follow a well-developed and systematic method.   That’s the science.   Yet, there’s an art in being able to size up candidates that really meet your specific requirements and values that fit your company.   That’s why each search is custom-tailored—a detailed job sheet, a personality profile, a background list of key requirements, measures of success,  and a review of company culture and priorities.    Our in-person visits to your facilities can play a key role in identifying the right candidates for you.

Pounding the pavement

Executive search isn’t nuclear physics.   It’s a solid combination of hard work, tenacity, creativity and an unusually well-developed ability to listen.   With a profile in hand, we call on specific companies and industries that best match your requirements and location.   We directly contact working professionals within those companies to get you the top talent.   Although ads are sometimes used, we feel they produce 2nd tier professionals.   You shouldn’t have to settle for second best.

Initial Interviews

We conduct many initial interviews on your behalf, and utilize behavioral interview techniques to zero in on specific accomplishments that will interest you.   Leaders, after all, can back up their claims with facts.  

Short List

In hiring a firm, you don’t want to have to see too many resumes or conduct lots of interviews yourself.   With DAC, you can feel confident we have done the screening for you.   After our hard work, you will meet only the top candidates for your opening, with detailed candidate assessments and resumes organized for you prior to a meeting.

Decision is yours

We recommend, but you decide.   You are the best judge to see which winner is really the top candidate.   We are there to help you in the final steps, from reference checks to personality assessments and offer negotiations.    And you can sleep comfortably knowing we stand behind our search.  We guarantee our placements for six months from date of hire.


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Search Process Highlights

  • Detailed profile of winning candidate that “fits” your company.
  • Calls to working professionals in companies that match your own industry, size and location.
  • Focused, targeted interviews with candidates to choose a short-list of winning people who meet and exceed your requirements.
  • Reference checks, psychological profiles, offer negotiations.   The home stretch is in sight.
  • We guarantee our results.