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DirectACareer, (DAC) is a professional executive search firm with a primary focus on the Transportation Industries of America.  We also have a secondary focus on Warehousing and Traffic Management where they co-exist with Supply Chain Fulfillment/Management. 

DirectACareer - Head Hunters, Executive Search and Executive Recruiting is our specialty. We can be considered what is commonly called head hunters.  We have experience and success finding key individuals with the desire to build a dynamic future.  We are a company that specializes in making a difference in people’s lives.  To be considered a serious candidate you will need transportation industry experience. We place executives, management and frontline supervisor in all aspects of the transportation industry, including sales. We look for capable individual, that have a desire to grow, lead, and be critical thinkers.  Successful candidates will have the opportunity to build and/or extend an existing career. If you are motivated to succeed, have a solid work ethic and believe you can change the world, please fax your resume to 316-788-2206 or email to recruiter@directacareer.com .

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Sometimes a job search takes place while job seekers have the luxury of still working for an employer. Other times a layoff forces them into the job market without a safety net. In either event the Executive Recruiters/Head Hunters at DirectACareer.com are prepared to handle each client on a case by case basis with confidentiality based on current circumstances and individual needs.      


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