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Remember the difference between a boss and a leader:
A boss says “Go.”
A leader says “Let’s Go.”


The DAC Difference

  • We know that successful union relationships don’t happen by accident.

  • We help you develop strategic plans that work for your specific environment.

  • We ensure all the key pieces are linked:  communications,  leadership development and negotiations.


We have 30 years of experience to help you turn your union relationship into an asset for your company to achieve its business goals


Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.”
J.D. Rockefeller


Some Key HR Consulting Areas

  • Plant startups

  • Acquisition integration

  • Performance management

  • Reward strategies

  • Employee / customer feedback systems

The DAC Difference

  • You own the programs we help implement. 

  • The programs and strategies last long after we have gone.

  • Easy to implement, hands-on approach.

  • Ability to custom-design your strategies




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Unions:   Putting it in perspective

Companies don’t run by themselves.   They need a strategic plan to ensure top performance.     The same holds true for Industrial Relations.   Generally, we are asked to consult with companies who either have a poor history with their labor relations or believe they are missing opportunities because of perceived diverging interests between the company goals and their unionized stakeholders. 

The bottom line is that most companies can have a positive relationship with their unionized workforces if they plan for it.

Starting Off

Our first step is to help your company define its broad strategic objectives for its industrial relations. We help you imagine what the relationship would be like if your labor relations were as effective as you would like them to be.  Next, we speak with the major decision makers at your corporate offices and site locations, discussing the major challenges as well as the opportunities at hand.   We then put together the major strategic goals, both at the corporate level and at each location.  An action plan and timetable is developed to provide a roadmap on how each of the strategic issues will be addressed

Linking the pieces of the puzzle

a. Communications

Too often, communication is not consistent from top to bottom.   We develop a communication framework that ensures messages and themes are being communicated to your employees in a clear and consistent way, from the President all the way to your first line supervisor.

b. Leadership Development

We work with your organization to identify the major gaps that your supervisors need to address to effectively lead in a unionized environment.  Understanding the collective agreement and the maximum flexibility that exists is an essential foundation.   Next, we customize the training that your supervisors and managers need to maximize their abilities to lead effectively. We then either deliver them or provide support to someone in your organization to deliver the programs.  Either way, our goal is to encourage you to be self-sufficient once we leave.

c. Negotiations

We provide you with a very structured protocol for negotiations preparations making sure goals for both language and monetary issues are clearly defined. In this way the negotiating team is well prepared and can maximize the chances for successful outcome.

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People solutions that stand the test of time

A human resource consultant designs strategies and programs that help maximize your employee potential.  

The DAC difference is that the systems we help you design will continue to work long after we have gone!    Your people capital is too important to count on temporary solutions.   We work with you to implement HR programs that are user-friendly and tailored to fit your specific environment.  By being your partner in the process, rather than your director, we ensure you and your employees have ownership over the programs implemented.  This qualitative difference ensures your new systems will pass the test of time.

New Facility Startups

Opening one new facility can be overwhelming, let alone starting up several.   We take some of those headaches away from you by taking on some key areas for your HR department.    By having an experienced 3rd party handle your recruiting, employee orientations and HR policy development, you can better ensure a smooth startup and focus on other key areas.

 Acquisition Integration

Two companies, two cultures, multiple policies and objectives.   Merging these sometimes conflicting areas is critical to a successful integration.   DAC has years of experience through many successful acquisitions to help ensure you can blend your people talent effectively in both the short and long term.  

 Performance Management / Goal Setting

The key to having success in your processes for performance management and goal setting is proper alignment.   It’s often the case that an educated outsider can better view where it stands and recommend enhancements to make it more effective.   Our proven track record will help ensure you are reinforcing the behaviors and drivers needed to successfully grow your business.

 Reward Strategies

Many organizations face a daunting challenge in developing a reward strategy that will support their business goals. We help you come up with that right mix of variable pay versus fixed that ensures  your plans are driving the right behaviors.

 Employee / Customer Feedback Systems

We will help you develop the necessary feedback channels to assist you in gauging employee and customer issues and concerns.   Using opinion surveys and focus groups, we can help you quickly understand the issues from these key stakeholders. More importantly, we will work with you to develop the action plans to address the concerns.

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