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  • Discuss current or planned openings at your company
  • Send your resume in confidence for a desired opportunity
  • Plan your company's HR strategies
  • Discuss the role of a Transportation Recruiter

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Confucius said, "Find a job you enjoy, and you'll never work a day in your life." If you do enjoy your work, your life will become much more enjoyable too.... More on this article

Welcome! And thank you for visiting DirectACareer.com, where our goal is to serve you, and our mission is to help you build a more dynamic future.

We are proud to provide a multitude of recruitment services, and make the most effective use of today's technology.  Call today to talk with a Transportation Recruiter.

DirectACareer (DAC) is the representing body for recruitment of employees and/or involvement with representative companies for employee recruitment and fulfillment. 

As a Transportation Recruiter, We specialize in securing the right people for the right positions that will give solutions to fuel your competitive edge in the dynamic market places of America.  

At DAC we promote high standards and adhere to a strict Code of Practice.  Whether you're a jobseeker, an employer, or industry observer, we hope you find this website useful.

Expect Results, Any Core Candidate placed by DAC will quickly achieve excellence in their new position. When we place our candidates in your company, you greatly reduce the risk of a mistaken hire and you save a great deal of time in the hiring process time that could be put to a better use.

DAC's business success depends on the partnering relationships we develop with our clients. As a Transportation Recruiter we present your position to our Core Candidates, their confidence in our professional capabilities for matching employers and employees enhances greatly the value of your opportunity. Our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry, our excellent client service, and our effective communications enables us to bring you the results you need in a time frame that creates success.

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